Pinole, CA 94564

Saturday 10am-3pm or
by appointments only

European Facial

Deep pore cleansing-steam exfoliating with enzyme extractions, face massage, toner and SPF sun block moisturizer.

Cost: $75.00 for 60 mins

Teenage Facial

Gentle vitamin cleanser, jojoba, exfoliating cleanser, steam, pineapple enzyme scrub mask, toner moisturizer and SPF sun block.

Cost: $50.00 for 60 mins

Male Facial

Gentle vitamin cleanser, enzyme scrub, mask and toner, rejuvenating cream and SPF sun block.

Cost: $55.00 for 60 mins

Lightening Treatment

Whitening agents to lighten and fade dark spots caused by sun, medication and acne.

Cost: $85.00 for 60 mins

Detox Facial

Deep pore and extraction facial for all skin types.

Cost: $75.00 for 60 mins

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