Pinole, CA 94564

Saturday 10am-3pm or
by appointments only

Swedish Massage

Relaxes muscles, eases aches & pains and increases range of motion.

Cost: $85.00 for 60 mins

Deep Tissue Massage

Helps release knotted, tight muscles using deep tissue manipulation.

Cost: $95.00 for 60 mins

Pregnancy Massage

Relieves back pain and leg cramping for physical and emotional nurturing of mother and baby.

Cost: $85.00 for 60 mins

Shiatsu Japanese Massage

Restores energy to the body and promotes and maintains health.

Cost: $85.00 for 60 mins

Warm Stone Massage

Using compressions, pressure on specific points and stretches to release blockages until a free flow of energy is restored.

Cost: $95.00 for 60 mins

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